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Keyless Entry Access

Keyless entry access systems are in use across the World. To secure, track who enters restricted areas or restrict access to authorized personnel a commercial business may install and use many keyless entry access systems. These systems are designed to limit access to authorized personnel only.

Security companies in New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse & Albany, New York will have security consultants that can help you determine which security or alarm systems to install into your warehouse, commercial building, retail store or facility.

Remote Control Entry Access Operation of lock, door or gate is controlled through a remote device, control room or use of a clicker.
Keypad Entry Access A device is generally installed near a gate or entryway with a keypad system. A code can then be entered to allow access.
Card Entry Access Card entry systems have magnetic swipers installed in the card reader machines that will read cards given to employee or personnel to allow access to individuals.
Biometric Entry Access Biometric entry access systems are used for high security applications. They will include the use of retina/eye scanners, fingerprint scanners or other biometric system to allow access to restricted areas.
Video / Intercom Entry Access Video and intercom entry systems are used in integrated access networks for high security applications. Remote access is allowed through a control room via video feed or intercom.