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Locks and Doors

Locks are one of the first forms of defense. Locksmiths in New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse & Albany, New York can reinforce gates, doors and windows or install high security locks to help stop unauthorized access.

In New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse & Albany a security company should offer you sales, services & install the most technologically advanced high security locks and doors for your home or business.

There are many options from high security, fire rated, alarm doors to the electronic, magnetic or biometric locks that secure them from unauthorized access.

High Security Doors

High security doors are reinforced doors, generally built with steel frames and may include the addition of faceplates for high security locks.

Fire proof and bullet proof doors are available with reinforced frames, hinges and lock supports.

Fire Rated Doors These doors are built fireproof or fire resistant and generally are installed by commercial business owners wanting to comply with fire codes, rules or regulations.
Alarm Doors These doors are generally installed into commercial business buildings where alarms should sound if an emergency door or fire emergency exit door is opened.
High Security Mechanical Locks High security mechanical locks are used when you want to take the extra measure to avert criminals, thieves or vandals. High security locks can use keyless entry systems to gain access or secure the building.
Electronic Locks These devices are operated by an electrical current and are networked through your access control panel or control room. A group of locks can be opened or locked at one time by control room or remote control.
Electromagnetic Locks Electromagnetic locks are activated by electromagnet that will open and release the lock or secure the lock as needed to restrict access and help control the flow of traffic.