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Security Services:

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Security Systems

Security systems are designed for specific use to help protect assets, inventories, alert you or personnel of danger and much more. Contact actively licensed security companies in New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse & Albany, New York for installation, service or repair. Below we have identified many of the most popular security systems installed in New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse & Albany, New York.

Criminal Deterrent Security signs posted in front of home, office or building, windows and doors help deter criminals. Increasing the burglar, intruder, or vandals risk of getting caught.
Integrated Access Control Is the ability to control movement through an office or facility as well as restrict unauthorized access. Such as RFID tracking through electronic tags, tracers, UPC tags, cards or phones.
Keyless Entry Access Keypad and gate entry access systems have been in use for years, they are designed to limit access to authorized personnel only. These systems are used by commercial business owners to track who enters restricted areas.
Locks and Doors

Locks and doors secure the entry ways into our homes, offices or commercial buildings. Installing high security locks onto a high security door allows you to rest easier knowing you have made it very difficult for a burglar, thieve or intruder to gain unauthorized access.

A commercial business may need to comply with building and fire codes by installing fire rated emergency exit doors. Many business owners prefer special exit door devices that can trigger and sound multiple alarm systems allowing them to secure the building from unauthorized access or shoplifters.

Intruder Detection Systems IR, infra red detectors, magnetic locks, strobe detectors, pressure mats and more help alert you to the presence of vandals, burglars, thieves or unwanted visitors.
Video Surveillance / CCTV

Some business owners require the installation of video surveillance closed circuit televisions to monitor cash handling areas, elevators, high traffic areas, loading docks or even all entry ways and doorways.

Video surveillance systems allow you several options when networked to a control room center they can work in conjunction with gates, locks, doors and allowing restricted access to employees or visitors. The video surveillance cctv's also allow for remote viewing by internet, computer, laptop or smart phone device.

Safes and Vaults Installation and use of a safe or vault will help a business owner or a commercial storefront keep special documents, files, cash deposits, art, rare antiquities or anything of value secure.
Wireless Security Systems Wireless security systems have become invaluable due to their ease of installation and can be used virtually anywhere.
Alarm Monitoring

Security systems work best when they are monitored to alert you, employees, security officers or emergency services to respond to an incident. Security systems should be monitored around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Commercial business owners may be required to monitor fire alarm systems to comply with Federal, State, OSHA or the City of New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse & Albany fire codes, rules and regulations.