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UL Burglary Safe & Vault Ratings

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) will make safe and vault manufacturers that want to receive UL Burglary Resistant Ratings undergo a series of scrutinizing tests that are respected and recognized around the World.

For additional details please visit Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard for burglary resistant safes and vaults.

UL 687 Standard for Burglary-Resistant Safes

1.1 These requirements cover combination locked burglary-resistant safes classified as follows:

a)    Test attack against the door and front face:

1)    Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TL-15

2)    Tool-Resistant Safe - Deposit Safe

3)    Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TL-30

4)    Torch- and Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TRTL-30

b)    Test attack against the door and body:

1)    Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TL-15X6

2)    Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TL-30X6

3)    Torch- and Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TRTL-15X6

4)    Torch- and Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TRTL-30X6

5)    Torch- and Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TRTL-60X6

6)    Torch-, Explosive-, and Tool-Resistant Safe - Class TXTL-60X6

1.2 These requirements do not cover night depositories intended to receive deposits from outside a building into a receiving safe inside a building. Such requirements are in the Standard for Night Depositories, UL 771.

1.3 A safe classified as TL-15, TL-30, TL-15X6, or TL-30X6 may be constructed with an opening in the body for connection to the chute of a night depository. A safe classified as TL-15 or TL-30 that has a body constructed of solid metal may be marked to provide for an opening to be cut into the body in the field for connection to the chute of a night depository.